100,000 Hours!

13:37 - 28th April 2014 by Tom

Wow! What a huge milestone, and only shortly after 2 years of opening!

It took us 6 months to get to 10,000 hours, so the last 90,000 have gone far faster!

We'd like to thank you all for your continued support and use of FSLive, without which we would not be here to make this happen.

Special thanks, as per our previous milestone, to the single member who contributed the flight time which tipped us over the 100,000 hour mark: getgilbert, who has very impressively logged well over 7000 hours, being the second most of all our pilots.

As a prize for putting in the hours, we'll be awarding a free 110 days premium - which we'll get in touch with you for shortly.

Now, you may notice this post is somewhat delayed, as we passed 100,000 hours last week. This is because we've been working on something we'd hoped to have released by...


Happy Birthday FSLive!

13:03 - 25th December 2013 by Tom

Two years ago today we launched FSLive, and hasn't time flown by!

We've made a lot of changes since and added a load of features - as always we're working our way through the long list of ideas we want to add. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for sneak peeks!

You guys, meanwhile, have tracked a huge amount of flight data: over 21,000 flights, and almost 80,000 hours - the equivalent of around 9 years in the sky!

To try to visualise all of this data, we've produced a short video explaining these amazing achievements and showing all of the flights you've made with us.

Here's another image showing every single flight made on FSLive over southern Europe:

It's crazy to think how many flights have...


Downloads System

21:55 - 26th May 2013 by Tom

A downloads system is a feature we feel essential to a Flight Simulator website, and until now a feature we don't think has been implemented well; most of the other download systems we've seen are difficult to use and go unchanged for many years.

We've developed our downloads system to be as user-friendly and clutter free as possible, letting you do exactly what the system is designed for: downloading Flight Simulator add-ons!

You can easily find the latest and most popular files from the left hand menu, as well as browse various categories including Aircraft, Textures and Scenery. There's also an option on every list to filter by your simulator of choice (more being added as per demand).

As an initial thank you to members who contribute files to our library, we'll be crediting airlines for every accepted...


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