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Total Pilots:2
Total Aircraft:16
Total Schedules:46
Description:WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES (WCA) was borne of the Flight Department of the [Badger] Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) ([1909]) in 1939 at Clintonville - Wisconsin using WACO Bi-Planes (NC13434 & NC2270) and shortly thereafter purchasing a 1940 HOWARD DGA-15P (NC71E) in 1941: A Wisconsin state original airline that started in 1944 with two CESSNA UC-78B/T-50's (NC51401 & NC63662, affectionately known as "Bobcats") followed by official scheduled service in February 1948 with three LOCKHEED 10A's before the acquisition of three more additional L-10A's and then adding in 1951 a CESSNA 170 (N9716A, Trainer/Route Familiarizer) and updating/replacing the L-10A fleet with DOUGLAS DC-3's in 1950 through 1952. As the Airline grew and expanded it was renamed to NORTH CENTRAL AIRLINES (late in 1952). FWD/WCA was a forge for modern day airline aviation. The FWD and WCA legacy of Air Transport Operation(s) now rests in the DELTA AIR LINES Prosperity as of 2008. ...(val) WCA is representative of the age in aviation when propeller powered flight ruled the air in the era of the Low-n-Slow Airlines that made the world a smaller place.


NameTotal Completed FlightsFlying Hours
Red_Carpet54262 hrs 37 mins
brenth8200 min


TypeRegistrationPassengersCargoCurrent Location
Douglas DC-3N17320283574lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N1731208334lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N1559808334lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N18949283574lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N38941185274lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N26214204934lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N1945106634lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N728ZZ244084lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N14931254084lbsKMSN
Douglas DC-3N38943204934lbsKMSN
Lockheed Electra 10AN1737592516lbsKMSN
Lockheed Electra 10AN1739192516lbsKMSN
Lockheed Electra 10AN84292516lbsKMSN
Lockheed Electra 10AN7923792516lbsKMSN
Lockheed Electra 10AN1426Z92516lbsKMSN
Lockheed Electra 10AN1608392516lbsKMSN