About FSLive

FSLive is a real-time online flight tracking and Virtual Airline management system. We focus on providing a well designed, easy to use and highly sophisticated system to enhance your flying experience and take being part of a Virtual Airline to a new level.

Live flight tracking

Flight Tracking

Using our flight tracking client for Microsoft Flight Simulator, called Track, we unobtrusively send detailed flight information to our servers allowing us to generate stunning maps and charts displaying a record of your flight, as well as keep a history of your flights.

Virtual Airline flights

Virtual Airlines

We also facilitate the creation and management of Virtual Airlines, allowing you to add schedules and purchase airline aircraft. Your pilots can select an aircraft and schedule when opening a flight to carry passengers and cargo to generate income for the airline.


  • Keep a detailed record of flights in real-time using Track
  • Create or join Virtual Airlines
  • Manage airline pilots, aircraft and schedules
  • Generate income flying passengers and cargo
  • Realistic economy based on real-world figures

And best of all, it's completely free. Whether you're just flying as a pilot or the CEO of a Virtual Airline, using FSLive will always remain free of charge.

In the works

We have a number of fantastic ideas for the future of FSLive, and we are always looking for more suggestions from our users to ensure we build the perfect environment for you to enjoy flying. If you wish to contribute a feature request/suggestion, or simply provide some feedback on our current system, feel free to start a topic in the Feedback & Suggestions forum - we are very grateful for all of your input.