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A downloads system is a feature we feel essential to a Flight Simulator website, and until now a feature we don't think has been implemented well; most of the other download systems we've seen are difficult to use and go unchanged for many years.

We've developed our downloads system to be as user-friendly and clutter free as possible, letting you do exactly what the system is designed for: downloading Flight Simulator add-ons!

You can easily find the latest and most popular files from the left hand menu, as well as browse various categories including Aircraft, Textures and Scenery. There's also an option on every list to filter by your simulator of choice (more being added as per demand).

As an initial thank you to members who contribute files to our library, we'll be crediting airlines for every accepted file by their pilots - so get uploading!

We appreciate all feedback and suggestions and hope to bring you many more great features soon!

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Last chance to benefit from the higher-rate upload credit

We will be reducing the airline credit given per upload to 10% current value on Monday morning, if you wish to benefit from the higher credit get uploading over the weekend.

You can currently earn £/$/€ 50,000 per approved upload, but only until Monday morning!

(All pending files will be considered before the rate is changed)

Important to note: Files you upload to the library do not have to be your own - providing the licence allows for free distribution they can be uploaded here. See our Terms & Conditions for further details on content submissions.

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