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Seven U.S. Navy Orions and two others.
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Great portfolio of the P3 Orion variants pictured there N1SC.

Virgin Atlantic A380-800 climbing out of SKBO-Bogata, Columbia with airport in background and SKGY-Guaymaral in the foreground.

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Nice photos fellas, that is quite the airport to approach by the book SKBO, always enjoyed that high altitude airport. Was always in the fog or clouds when I approached or departed.

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1946 American Airlines Douglas DC-6 departing RWY 29R at KTUS-Tucson, AZ en route for KPAE-Snohomish, WA.

Slowly gaining altitude over Tucson shortly after takeoff.

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Mock Hurricane Irma relief aid to devastated St. Croix Island. Category 5 Hurricane Irma continues to roll across the Caribbean actively en route to the west gulf Florida coast devastating the islands in her path with up to 95-99% of buildings destroyed on some of the islands.

Flying Dash 8-Q400 out of KFLL-Fort Lauderdale, FL with real-world weather sustained winds of 17kts with gusts of 38kts @ 9:37 a.m. 09.09.2017 with Irma 284 miles to the south. Had to fly due east for 60 miles to circumvent the hurricane before turning 138* directly to TISX-St. Croix Island airport.

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Mock Hurricane Relief to devastated Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria nearly flattened all of Puerto Rico that has 3.4 million inhabitants that knocked out 100% of water supply and the electrical power supply followed up with severe flooding.

Airbus A 321-200 at TJSJ-San Juan from SVMI-Maiquetia, Venezuela

Airbus A380-841 at TJSJ-San Juan from KMIA-Miami, FL

Airbus A381-841 at TJSJ-San Juan from PHNL-Honolulu, HI

BAE Jetstream 41 at TJIG-San Juan from MDBH-Barahona, Dominican Republic

I also flew a B747-400 from KJFK-New York to TJSJ-San Juan. I wish to acknowledge and thank GetGilbert for his participation for making two relief aid flights to TJSJ-San Juan and also acknowledge and thank Chocola for his relief aid flights to TJSJ and to TISX-St Croix from my previous Hurricane Irma Mock Disaster Relief Aid post.

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