100,000 Hours!

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Wow! What a huge milestone, and only shortly after 2 years of opening!

It took us 6 months to get to 10,000 hours, so the last 90,000 have gone far faster!

We'd like to thank you all for your continued support and use of FSLive, without which we would not be here to make this happen.

Special thanks, as per our previous milestone, to the single member who contributed the flight time which tipped us over the 100,000 hour mark: getgilbert, who has very impressively logged well over 7000 hours, being the second most of all our pilots.

As a prize for putting in the hours, we'll be awarding a free 110 days premium - which we'll get in touch with you for shortly.

Now, you may notice this post is somewhat delayed, as we passed 100,000 hours last week. This is because we've been working on something we'd hoped to have released by the time we made this post, however it just came along too fast!

We gave a sneak preview at the end of last year, and it's been in progress since, which is our new redesigned website. We're thoroughly overhauling the entire site with a fresh, clean new look and hopefully making everything much easier to use and find. While we can't release this today as planned, we can give an extra sneak peek at how it's currently looking:


With the current university period nearing an end, you should see a lot more of our plans coming to life around FSLive, and we are not short of things we want to add!

I'm personally very proud of what's been achieved, and am very excited for the future; I hope you all are too!


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Congratulations Tom. You and Rory have provided the very best platform for the flight simulator enthusiast and that is why FSLive has the dedicated CEOs and pilots since your inception. All of the friendly service and swift technical assistance in addition to the continuous site and server upgrades are unprecedented.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. All of your hard work continues to pay off as FSLive continues to pioneer a very bright future. FSX would only be an occasional recreational flight without you.

Three cheers and here's to the next 100,000 hours.

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I could not have said it better than B.A. Pilot. I derived much joy in flying various aircrafts across the world, something that could not be done in real life, not on my budget anyways. There is also a little bit of competition and that keeps us coming for more. FSlive has however given me more!!! Yep as an infamous Senator in Canada once said;'' But wait there's more''. Mike Duffy, better known as Duff.....

I do spend a lot of time hovering with the streets view over the various areas I cross. Just out of curiosity!!! Ottawa where we are is such a small Capital!!!

Often I will also do a quick search on certain cities I fly over such as Arequipa, Peru, also known as '' La Ciudad Blanca''. My son (a pilot) took a vacation with his girlfriend in Peru last year and they made a point of visiting Arequipa, Lac Titicaca and its famous little islands etc. because of what I read thanks to your tracking system. Got some pretty nifty pictures of the place, thanks to my son which I will post sometime.

You do get a lot of information via Wikipedia but all of this is possible because I can track my flights because of your system. It is almost like being there when you streets view certain areas and it's only getting better. Madrid and Barcelona is so far the best in terms of being able to visit their cathedrals, even inside, and their airport terminals and other sites from Google's pedestrian cams. Spain is definitely on our list once we cross the pond in the next year or so and meet our cousins in Brighton U.K. (well Ferring -by-sea) at the same time. Never thought of looking-up Spain until I noticed someone on our site flying to LEMD.

So its not just for the fun of logging the hours -- it is sometimes-- but because you can really get a great chance to visit so many places, all but impossible realistically.

Thanks guys (Tom, Rory and posthumously Phil ) for making this possible and available to an average Jo. Looking forward to logging in more hours while discovering and learning.


P.S. Best of luck at University!!!!

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